Our New Mission

Territorium Group is a new venture that capitalizes on 14 years experience of its predecessor, Formatiscom. In a rapidly changing world, we have always been able to anticipate the changes and disruptions. We knew that being responsive to our partners, culture, competition, innovative exponential technologies, new modes of governance and collaboration, regulations and all other perturbing forces would help us thrive in a world of great uncertainty. During all these years we have managed to establish ourselves as a major player in accompanying the public and private sectors in Africa and the Arab world in their modernization efforts. We also learned a number of basic principles that would guide our evolution. We were able to measure:
  • The importance of collective action at local and regional levels.
  • The effectiveness of collaboration and decentralized cooperation to address global challenges of development.
  • The increasing importance of technological innovations in new models of development.
  • The relevance of collective intelligence and the power of crowdsourcing to massive and transformational change.
  • The re-emergence of “scenario-based strategic planning” approaches as a critical choice to make sense of the complex drivers of global change and increasing volatility and the implications they carry for development of the public and private sectors.
We, once again, took the challenge to revisit our mission, our methods and our scope. We position ourselves as recognized innovators in territorial development, in association with strategic partners, through training and capacity building, sectorial and thematic studies, program and project design, strategic scenario planning, creation and development of online collaborative networks and communities of practice, knowledge management, problem solving and the organization of conferences, forums, exhibitions and matchmaking meetings.