Territorium Institute

The Territorium Institute aims to provide decision makers with valuable insights by conducting research on economic, political, societal and technological issues worldwide through innovative “crowdsourced scenario thinking and planning” approaches.

The Institute provides also local authorities with custom-designed training and capacity building programs in order to better prepare them face current and prospective development challenges.

Territorium Institute Website

Knowledge Symposia

KS capitalizes on the efforts of its sister divisions in order to materialize their activities into real life F2F conferences, forums, workshops, exhibitions, contests…

KS produces its own proprietary events and provides its partners with over 25 years of event organization experience at the international level in order to assist them to organize their own events in the best possible conditions…

Knowledge Symposia Website


Peoples & Tribes

P&T is the web technology arm of Territorium Group. The division develops its own digital platforms for collaborative work, communities of practice, e-learning, MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses), university-industry-community partnership, internships and job placement search for students, enterprise social networks…

The P&T division’s mission is to accompany educational institutions, higher education and research intitutions and organisations, local authorities and enterprises in the design and implementation of their digital strategies.

Peoples & Tribes Website


ExpInnova (for exponential innovation) is the technology transfer and innovation management Consultancy Division of Territorium-Group. Its objective is to help universities and technology providers develop and commercialize new innovative and disruptive solutions.

ExpInnova has developed with its sister division, Peoples & Tribes, its own platform for open innovation and university-industry collaborations in order to tap into the global innovation potential of the crowd.

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Our Areas of Expertise

  • Capacity Building, Consulting & Studies 90%
  • Online Collaborative Communities95%
  • “Crowdsourced” Scenario-based Strategic Planning85%
  • Disruptive Exponential Technologies75%
  • Matchmaking Conferences & Exhibitions97%